7 Tips to Plan a Family vacation Effectively..!!

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Plan Ahead

 Tips to Plan a Family Vacation Effectively..!!

Summer vacations are here and we are all planning family summer vacations to enjoy some relaxing time together. As soon as your travel destination is decided you must start planning. Here are some useful tips to help you plan your family summer vacation more effectively but don’t forget to involve kids when you are planning for family vacations.

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1) – Plan a Family Vacations 

Vacations are always a busy time for booking from the airline, hotel to restaurant reservations everything is generally advanced booked. Our last trip to Europe was not a well-planned family vacation. We were not sure about our traveling dates and could not make any advance reservations at most of the places and it turned out to be a disaster. We wasted hours searching online for a family room reservations. Thus no matter wherever you are planning to go or stay it’s advised to plan & book ahead to avoid any terrible situation that can spoil your family vacation.


2) – Organizing/Packing List

When you are planning a  family trip you need to be really organized. Always create an organizing/packing list of all important documents like passports, travel insurance, kid’s immunization cards, reservation confirmation besides clothing and other packing stuff. It’s better to make a checklist of all the required documents and things. You can even use smartphone apps for that like  PackPoint Packing List Travel Companion or any other organizing app can be really helpful to organize your family vacation packing list.


3) – Weather Alert:

Climate and weather situations can really affect your trip.  When you are planning a family vacation keep weather condition of your destination in mind and pack accordingly. With the help of weather forecast apps Accuweather or Weathernetwork you can easily check the weather for next few months. It’s important that children should be dressed comfortably for the weather so they can enjoy in a new environment.

Weather Alert

4) – Safety First – Kids

Summers are mostly crowded and busy time everywhere in the world and kids can be lost very easily. My daughter was lost in minutes on the airport while we were just collecting luggage from the belt. Be careful and never forget to write your name & number on kids arms. Anti-loss kids safety links like  Elecplay Baby Child Anti Lost Wrist Link Safety 360° Breathable Velcro Wrist Link 72inch (Red) can be helpful or  Kid’s Tracker watch from Amazon can be really useful to check the position of your child anytime anywhere. You can track the kid’s location via SMS, website, iOS or Android APP so plan family vacations keeping kids safety in mind.

Kids Safety first

5)  Medicine/First Aid Kit

Medicines and first aid kit is an important part of packing when traveling with family. Having prescription medicines and other pain or fever relief medicines can be useful during the vacations. Kids always get some scratch or cuts from somewhere so a pack of bandages is a MUST HAVE when planning a family vacation.

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6) – Daily Travel Itinerary

Do your homework and prepare a daily travel itinerary for kid’s activities. It will help you to choose and schedule all activities and sightseeing so you can utilize your time and energy fully and make best out of your family vacations. Digital Apps like Hidden Place or  Trover and other Smartphone Apps can be a great resource to discover and travel like a local.


7) – Car seats /Strollers

Car seat/Booster seats are very important when young kids are going on family vacation. Taxi service will not usually offer child-friendly services. They don’t let kids sit in the car without car seats or car vests. A better alternative to the traditional booster seat can be wearable car seats like RideSafer or seat safety vest are easy and portable options. Although now I find out some taxi services like Kidmoto (, Uber for Kids and others are also helpful but you will not get them everywhere so still be needing car seats.

No doubt planning a family vacation needs more planning & organization. But consequently, it brings the family closer and its positive impacts can be seen in future. I hope these tips will help you to plan family vacations more effectively.


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