Influenster Club House Seasoning mix Voxbox Review

Influenster Club House Seasoning mix Voxbox Review..!

Influenster, I heard about it through some bloggers and YouTubers who provided some reviews on different productsand I thought it would be great fun. Just to let you know Influenster is a fun community forum of social media whizzes and tasteful consumers who make easier for you to make choices for a product you want to buy but want to know more about it. So Influenster provides a forum where you can see some consumers and expert opinions of products. If you don’t know, it’s a totally free program where you can get free products to try and then review. Click the link if you are Wondering how to get free full products from Influenster ..!

My First Influenster Voxbox

I am super excited that  On Women’s Mind got its first complimentary influenster voxbox from Club House.Due to some issues with video editing, I could not share it immediately but I’m so happy that I’m finally able to share it with all of you On Women’s Mind first free Influenster voxbox 🙂

What is in the influenster Club House VoxBOX:

1)- Organic Taco Seasoning Mix
2)- Organic Kung Pao Stir-Fry Seasoning Mix
3)- 1 Discount card

My Review, Influenster Club House Seasoning mix Voxbox :

1)- Organic Taco Seasoning Mix:


Organic Taco seasoning mix was a really great experience I mixed it in chicken mince and left it for 10 mins it smells so fresh and tastes so great. I almost followed the same recipe which was on the pack and it was simple and quick recipe to follow, and that is exactly what a busy mom want ..:) I have tried a couple of seasoning earlier but I must say that its organic ingredients make it taste outstanding and I am loving it.
My family totally enjoyed it and took it next day for their lunches too.
There was plenty of seasoning in the package and being organic ingredients you don’t need to use it all if you are not making more than ten tacos at a time ( I made ten tacos) still I saved some for my next time (Although I have a discount voucher too.
Thanks to @clubhouse for such a great seasoning and Thanks to @Influenster this complimentary voxbox and introducing us to a new yummy flavour of Taco seasoning. Here is my Prep video of Tacos, you can see how quick and simple is the recipe and how much my daughter enjoyed it, and I’m sure you will also enjoy it once you give it a try.

2)- Organic Kung Pao

Truly I was not familiar with Kung Pao before, so I was expecting more like Sweat & Sour chicken or Manchurian like the taste but to my surprise, it was spicy and hot flavour which  I really liked.

I stir-fried some chicken breast pieces and added in some mixed vegetables. After few minutes I added Organic Kung Pao Seasoning dissolved in water. It smelled so delicious while cooking and as sauce got thicker I removed it from the stove and served it with basmati rice. It was so easy and quick, my family loved its little hot flavour and with rice, it tastes so delicious. We love a bit spicy food and if you also love spicy foods, then Organic Kung Pao by Clubhouse would be a great seasoning mix for you to enjoy. Club House Kung Pao is our new family favourite and I’m so happy that I find another option to cook which is easy and quick and tasty too, as Club hOuse mentioned that ” A spicy, sweet organic stir-fry sauce with notes of garlic and nutty sesame! Impress your friends and family with our tasty take on Kung Pao” and I have already impressed my family, are you ready to do the same ..!


Here is my video of making Club House Kung Pao, enjoy:)

I am very happy with both Club House seasoning mixes and loving them as Club House mentioned on the Influenster vox box it is “Quick, Organic & Downright Delicious…I totally agree with this statement and going to try other products of clubhouse too as I got Discount card too in my Influenster vox box..:)



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