How to choose Best Foundation for your Skin tone

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How to choose Best Foundation for your Skin tone..!      

Foundations are most important Part of makeup routines, no matter you like a Monochromatic style of makeup or you like bold colors, choosing the best foundation is not easy. Every skin tone required a different foundation for coverage. The diverse variety of makeup products on the market is overwhelmingly vast. When you want to buy a foundation, you must keep a few important things in mind about how to choose Best Foundation for your Skin Tone.

1) -Skin Tone

Foundation color should complement your unique skin tone. Once you know your skin tone then selecting the best shades gets much easier. for example beige, golden color foundations goes well with warm skin tones but rose, sable, and cocoa are more suitable for cool undertones

2) – Skin type

Skin Type is very important for choosing a foundation. You need to know about your skin type whether it’s oily, dry and combination skin. Without knowing your skin you cannot choose the best foundation for your skin, like for oily skin you need to choose an oil-free foundation, but for dry, kin you should choose a Cream or liquid foundation with a moisturizer and Powder or liquid foundation with a high water content can be great for combination skin.

3) – Coverage

Next thing you need to decide about is “coverage “and finish you are looking for. It can be sheer to full coverage depending on your skin conditions. Different skin tones required different types of coverage; for example, an even skin tone requires a sheer to the light foundation, it means if you have much clearer skin and need to work on the only discoloration then sheer to light can work good or light to the medium can work better with this issue. but If you have blemishes or scars the full coverage foundation is best for you.

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Now the question is WHAT IS COVERAGE? Coverage is the opacity (transparency) of the makeup and a foundation can contain High or Low opacity according to skin requirement. Low opacity means it is clear and cannot hide skin blemish while foundation with high opacity is strong and will hide any blemish.

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There are three types of coverage :

1- Sheer To Light :

It is the most transparent type of foundation which contains the least amount of pigments about 8-13%. It is not very helpful to hide discolorations on the skin. Like Dior, and Brae minerals is a good example of it.

 2- Medium to Full :

It contains 13–18% pigment. It covers patchiness and slight blemishes but not good enough to cover freckles and marks. Urban Decay, Laura Mercie can be a good foundation for medium to full coverage.

3-  Full Coverage:

Full coverage foundations contain 35-50% of coverage and used to cover hyperpigmentation and scars. It also is known as “corrective “make-up. Full coverage foundations are great products that are good without using a concealer on your face. Kat Von D Lock-It, Tarte, Estee Lauder double wear and Loreal infallible are known for full coverage foundations.


Choosing a correct foundation for skin can be very beneficial for you as most foundations now contain a sunscreen which works against aging and skin cancer and can help improve your skin tone and makes you look younger.A lot of foundations contain moisturizers which also help in slowing down the anti-aging process.

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Tips: Be careful too much foundation can make you look like a clown and little small will not do any wonder, so take care while using and applying foundations on your face.


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9 thoughts on “How to choose Best Foundation for your Skin tone

  1. I have never been one to wear foundation only because I hate the thought of it rubbing off onto my clothing, or my phone. I do like how you explained the different coverages and what will help while using the correct ones. Thank you for sharing this great information when it comes to foundation coverage.

  2. I always have trouble choosing a right foundation tone :(( your tips are great, maybe I should apply those tips the next time I buy a new foundation. Thank you very much.

  3. Thanks for the tips! My skin is very light and some shades can make me look so pale. There are so many shades and finding the correct color is not always easy.

  4. It really helps a lot to find the right foundation shade for the skin. The right shade will help your skin look more beautiful and it must complement with the color of the neck and the arms as well.

  5. I also struggle with finding the right color. It drives me crazy. My skin is pretty much blemish free – I just want a natural look to smooth out my features a little. But the struggle is real.

  6. This is something I stink at! So these tips are going to come in handy for me for sure. I always let the salesperson pick it but now perhaps I can figure it out on my own – finally! 🙂

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