Felker’s Waterfalls Trails HAMILTON

Felker’s Waterfall Trails..!

Felker’s Fall, Hamilton

Hamilton is a port city in the Canadian province of Ontario and known as “The Waterfall Capital of the World” with over 125 waterfalls, which is the highest number of waterfalls of any city area of its size. It has many types of falls from cascade to plunge, staircase to ledge most of them are on or near the Bruce Trail as it winds through the Niagara Escarpment. According to Trip Advisor  some of the famous water falls are Albion Falls, Devils Punch Fall, Tews falls and great falls

On this long weekend of civic holiday, our family planned a trip from Toronto to Albion Falls which is the most popular among all. But when we reached the Albion Falls we came to know that they just closed it for the day because of an emergency situation and rescue crews were also called to Albion Falls around after flash flooding due to heavy rains caused a group of people to become trapped at the bottom. So we decided to go some other nearby falls (after all we were in the city of waterfalls). We googled and found that Felker’s Falls is most nearby and we decide to head towards that.

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Felker’s Waterfalls Trail

According to Toronto Hikes  Felker’s waterfall is a 22-meter high ribbon style waterfall found at the Felker’s Falls Conservation Area. It is located between Hamilton and Stoney Creek.   and has been rated “A” for its size, flow, and scenic location. It’s hidden in a residential area so initially, we thought our GPS is taking us in a wrong direction but when we reached the parking lot which is just in the middle of houses with a small park we saw the small sign board of Felker’s fall. This park is known as the Heritage Green Sports Park, from the parking, if you start walking to the left entrance there is a multipath area; continue to keep left until you arrive at the escarpment edge.  On the right there is a walk along the escarpment edge and path is level throughout and offers magnificent views of Burlington Bay and its surrounds. The woodlot is composed of mainly Beech, Sugar Maple and Oak, keep walking along the escarpment edge and soon you will hear the roar of Felker’s fall.


Falker’s Waterfall View

Great thing about these trails is that you have the option to take a secure path of the main asphalt trails with fenced edged but view of fall is not that clear due to lots of greenery and long trees which block the view of the falls on mostly points but some stretches are wide open and you can have a good view of fall. But it’s safe and clear path especially if you are coming with kids or someone required accessible facility. Otherwise, the blaze trails which are dirt trails and tree roots to work your way through to very close to escarpment cliffs. It provides a very clear and beautiful view of fall but has no fence around it. There is a little path which goes down till very near to the escarpment point of fall, which is according to me not very safe, but you can touch the water there. But this side is not very safe if you have kids with you.


Felker’s Waterfall Trail – Walk & Hiking

It is a wonderful place for a family walk and hike and has beautiful scenic spots for taking lovely pictures while enjoying refreshing atmospheres. Some big and beautiful homes are also situated on a little part of the trail. We spend around 3 hours hiking and taking pics around the area and we all enjoyed a lot. the The best part was kids did not get bored and had really great time. It’s a great

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path with the beautiful views for hiking lovers. On the way, we met the couple of hikers who followed the Red Hill Valley trail and circled around the Albion Falls and the Devil’s Punchbowl. It’s all about 13 km of hiking and can be covered in just over 3 hours’ time. It’s very important to stay safe and be cautious when you are biking or hiking the trail. According to Hamilton water falls GEOTRAIL, ” Waterfalls are fantastic to visit, but hikers and bikers should take care around them.  Always stay on signed trails and use designated areas and platforms to view waterfalls”.

Dirt Trails, Felker’s Fall



Beware there is no wash room on the location or park. There should be more clear signs for tourists to guide them the path to follow.

Trail Path, Felker’s Fall

Overall it’s a great waterfall and hiking trail with beautiful scenery around and you are still in an urban area. We had a great day and would surely recommend to anyone wants to hike or bike in the area and wants to enjoy a beautiful day out.







For Safety Caution please watch this clip from Hamiton Tourism:

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