10 Things to Do In Montreal with Kids

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10 Things to Do In Montreal with Kids..!!

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Montreal the world’s largest French city out of Paris and Canada’s second-largest vibrant city.  A city with distinct neighborhoods, beautiful suburbs, parks and heavy traffic, and lots of tourists. buttonExploring Montreal can be a bit tricky if you are short on time andCheap Hotel Deals. Book now and get up to 75% Off. traveling with kids it’s advised be prepared before starting the exciting trip book your flights and hotels in advance. We involved kids to planned a three-day itinerary so they can choose places of their interest and enjoy the trip fully. So here is our three days trip to Montreal and 10 Things To Do In Montreal with Kids..!

Where to Stay:

We usually stay at downtown hotels while traveling. But this time we tried AIRBNB and find a nice service apartment according to our requirement just a few meters away from RUE Sherbrooke Downtown is where you’ll find the largest collection of attractions, restaurants, and shopping, so it is always the best area for most visitors.

MTL Passport:

I would highly recommend MTL passports if you are short on time and money. We bought MTL passports which include 23 main attractions and free public transit. This passport has two options and can be utilized for 48 hours or 72 hours. Do your own research and compare regular ticket price of each attraction with pass discount to get a real idea.


Olympic Park was first on our kid’s list and they enjoyed it. The Montreal Tower is the tallest inclined structure in the world and situated on the north of the city. Tower’s 45-degree angle is very inspiring and there is a Cheap Hotel Deals. Book now and get up to 75% Off.funicular going up on the outside and it was great going up, kids enjoyed it thoroughly till the top of the tower. On the top, it’s a very picturesque view of the city from this round glass tower and kids had fun watching from bioscopes and had a fun time by taking selfies with the installed camera for visitors. There is also savior shop on the top. It’s a good place to visit with kids.

Olympic Park

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The Space for Life comprises the Montreal Biodome, Botanical Garden, Insectarium and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. They are situated just next to “The Montreal Tower” and all are within walking distances and you don’t require a transit. Although for the botanical garden they provided shuttle service, it is not even far you just have to cross the street from Olympic tower.



It’s not like a regular zoo but it emphasis on showing animal, birds and plant life from various
climate regions. Although due to summer vacations it was crowded with summer camp groups but still it was easy to find animals. Kids especially had fun with Penguin section and it reminds them of “Happy Feet” movie characters. Food is available in machines and there is also a cafeteria with a lot of seating. An informative and fun filled couple of hours.



The planetarium was on kids list and was very excited about it. They like the free exhibition area it was nice and interactive and kids enjoyed playing games. We were told that English show was sold out and only French show is available but it was not very impressive or we could not enjoy due to language issue but we had a good relaxing time on bean bags.

The Plantriaum


It’s a good place to visit if you have a real interest in plants or you are a student of botany. Kids did not show much interest in the garden. The Japanese garden was also not very impressive. The only part the enjoyed was Insect museum which is part of the garden.



This place was quite impressive with a beautiful display and interesting information. My hubby and son were excited but girls were not happy. But they really liked the “Insect Tasting café” where you can taste and buy insect contain food like “Cricket Burger”, “Taco with silkworm “and “crispy square with whole cricket”. They really enjoyed watching people eating snacks but could not dare to try it. It was a fun for all of us and a unique experience.



Wax Museum was very close to our place but still, we find difficulty in locating it because it is inside the EATON Center Mall. The Museum consists of three floors and starts from the top floor with a beautiful entrance and kids like it immediately, girls had a lot of selfies and pretends like celebrities. The display starts with the famous Canadian nationals, World leaders, Sports persona, Hollywood stars and even cartoon characters. Each character has a story around it and related accessories are provided to take your selfies. Kids got amazed to see “Celebrities Hollywood Party” and enjoyed a nice display of “how it’s done” at the end….It’s a must to see with kids.

  • Be cautious when you are with young kids so they don’t damage any of the statues.

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7) – Notre-Dame Basilica

Notre-Dame Basilica opened in 1829, is a Gothic Revival–style church. It is situated at Rue Notre Dame a cobblestone street in Old Montreal. There is entry fee $6 for adults and $4 for kids (it’s not included in MTL attraction passport). The line was not very long and we entered quickly. Standing in front of the altar and looking up at the spiraling artwork and statues behind it is breathtaking it’s worth visiting. There are many interesting souvenir shops where kids can buy some good souvenir for their memories. Another interesting thing which kids really enjoyed was horse-drawn carriages must give them a try. It is a wonderful place to spend a few hours.





We read mixed reviews about boat tours but we had a Pleasant experience. It gives you chance take some great photos of the city and learn about the area. A boat leaves from the port for a 90-minute trip up and down the river at cost and we luckily got a good corner on the deck and had taken nice pics. The crew was very helpful they took orders for food and served quickly. It was very windy that day so we decided to shift to lower deck and view from full windows was great and kids enjoyed it. There was a summer camp trip was also onboard with us and they were dancing on the lower deck and we all also joined them and had great fun time.

9)-Parc du Bassin Bonsecours, Park in Old Montréal

After the morning tour of the church and cruise, kids were very tired so we all took a break and lay down on the grass in front of the fountains. After a short rest kids got fresh and we rented a 6-seat quadricycle. The space is very short and limited pedal trip plus lots of people walking and crossing around us. So whole trip was not more than 10 minutes from one end to the other end at a very gentle pace but kids liked it so it was good.

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10)- La Ronde Theme park

La Ronde Park was on our list but due to heavy traffic and summer crowd (assuming long line to buy expensive entry ticket) we decided not go there as we were short on time and we already bought a season park for Canada wonderland. But if you are visiting from outside of Canada I think it is a Must seen if you are traveling with kids.

La Ronde Theme park


BONUS: Barbie Exhibition Free Entry:

It’s always great to involve kids in planning trips and asking them to research for your interesting places. My daughters, while they were looking for places to visit and to do in Montreal, came to know about this BArbie exhibition and they became very excited about it. Luckily exhibition was very close to our place and the first thing we did in Montreal we straight went to see the exhibition it was a great experience for us as well. It was a good exhibition with a great collection of barbies and we all enjoyed them a lot with girls.

Barbie EXpo, Montreal.

These are the places we visited according to our kids choice but MTL have much more option and you can choose places of your own interest. We enjoyed our trip thoroughly, very exciting and affordable!!! Very memorable, everyone enjoyed it as a beautiful family trip.

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(Pictures used in blog are not mine I used free images for better quality)


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