10 Indoor Cool Activities for Kids this HOT summer

10 Indoor Cool Activities for Kids this HOT summer:

10 cool kids activities for summer

Being a mother of three I can imagine how challenging can be summer vacations for the parents. If you are planning to travel with kids then you need to plan the trip in advance. But if you are staying at home then after a few days of summer vacations, kids start their “Boredom Mantra”.  So to keep kids busy and happy in summer vacations here is 10 cool indoors activities for these summer vacation for kids.

1) – Kitchen Fun

Involving kids in the kitchen is a fabulous way to enjoy time as a family fun and kids can learn important life skills. A cookbook can be great for learning and reading purposes. Kids will adore looking through the Children’s Quick and Easy Cookbook at the pictures, choosing and making the recipes. Otherwise, you don’t need to start from the scratch recipe because kids may get bored with long cooking procedures, so it’s better to use cake mixes or cookie dough or can make pizza easily with readily available pizza dough and have fun.


Children Quick and easy Cookbook

2) – Artwork

Colors & prints are big fun and coloring books and sketches are always there. But this summer let’s try some hand painting, feet painting, and Stomp painting. These paintings can be memorable and you can frame them keep those little hand and footprints forever with you.

hand painting art

3) – Play Dates

Play dates are always a big “YES” my son always insists for that (already planned one for the first week of holidays). This way kids get a chance to meet with age mates or their school fellows and can watch a movie or play together. Don’t call many kids but two to three kids are enough so they can enjoy each other’s company without having any bad fights or big dramas.

Play date fun with friends

4) – Water Games

Water games can be a lot of fun for kids like Baseball with a water balloon, instead of ball kids can use balloons filled with water and believe me its kid’s favorite for summer especially boys loved it. Water gun tag game Whoever is “It” gets the water gun and tries to tag the other players with a cold stream. Sponge balls buckets filling competition can be really fun for kids tell them to transfer the water from one bucket to the other using only the sponge whoever does it the fastest will be the winner.

Water guns, lots of fun

5) – Bowling Funda

Bowling is our all-time family favorite. You can get set of mini bowling pins from Walmart in less than $10 which is really good quality pins or you can get even cheaper from any dollar store for $3. Otherwise, you only required six empty water bottles and a rubber ball to play bowling and you can transform one of the corridor or family room into a bowling alley and have fun!

Bowling funda

6) – Learn to code

As we all are raising practically ‘TECH KIDS’ its best to grow their interest in coding and encouraging them to develop their own games using many kids apps they can develop car games or can learn step by step coding. My son loves to play with these “new games” (still he does not know that he is actually coding he thinks these are some new games and he likes them a lot).

Coding Fun

7) – STEM Toy or Construction Sets

Build, create, and invent with construction toys. These are educational toys that teach kids of all ages engineering basics in an engaging way like “STEM” (stands for science, technology, engineering, and math—STEM for short).You can get them from any toy store in good quality or from  Dollar stores small and medium quality but they all help kids to grow their motor skills and train their brains as well.

Stem toys help kids grow

8) – Movie Night Fun

Movie night is always a HIT, grab your pillows & comfies plus popcorn and enjoy some family favorite movie or on every movie night, one person can choose his or her favorite movie as the family favorite of the week.

family movie night Fun

9) – Card Games

Card games are very engaging for kids and family. For this summer vacation activities, You can play card games with kids as partners. Just get a deck of cards and teach your kids the simple joys of Rummy, Spit, or Slapjack. Don’t forget to show them some of your fun skills like my kids really gets impressed when shuffling cards or make a bridge with cards while mixing them up.

Card games

10) – Board Games/Puzzles

Kids are always open to challenges. So let’s develop their interest in some quick puzzles or board games. Scrabble, Monopoly, or snake and ladder can be challenging activities for kids this summer vacation. It will also provide family fun on the whole.

Board games are always joy

Let’s make this summer more productive and more fun as a family. Try these 10 cool indoors activities for this hot summer and let us know how good it worked out. What is the most favorite of your kids? Don’t forget to share your great summer ideas with us.

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