Welcome to ON Women’S Mind..!

I am Faiza, a beauty, fashion  &  travel lover and feel honored on “Being Women”. I used to love writing my diary from childhood but then I got a break in-between, life got so fast and things were more like out of control. And one day I realize “Where is ME”.  Then I looked around I saw that all the women have so much on their mind work, home, kids, family everyday lifestyle and much more which they all are handling like a ‘SUPER WOMEN‘and I am no different. So at the end of the day (after kids go to bed), I want to relax and read something or watch a good movie. This blog is an alternate to my diary habit where I would like to write something about my observation and experiences, to share my self so we can learn from each other’s experiences.


Like all of you, I love to know about beauty and fashion trends whats new? whats great for me?whether it will look good on me or not?So here I am sharing all my experience and would love to hear back your opinion too.

Traveling is my all time love. I love to explore things, meet new people and get to know new places ..and if don’t get a chance to travel oversea I would love to go short day trips and want to explore things around me.

Here I am aiming to help myself and other women to grow and put their best selves forward with everyday life challenges and try to enjoy every bit of life with SMILE:0

With Love

Faiza Atif